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What will I look like post-treatment?Updated a year ago

Needles create deliberate micro-trauma to the skin, which will cause some redness (known as erythema) and in some cases, small amounts of needle-point bleeding (known as petechiae). Microneedling can show instant bruising in some areas, including the cheek bones, forehead and eye area. Some areas are also more sensitive than others, including the forehead, lip area and tip of the nose. If you have taken fish oil supplements, aspirin, anti-inflammatories or had any alcohol within 3 days of your treatment, you may experience more bleeding than usual due to the blood-thinning properties of these substances. 

If you experience excessive redness, bruising, swelling or bleeding, immediately cease using the device and seek advice from your healthcare professional. You will experience some redness, tightness and mild swelling for 24-48 hours post-treatment. It's also normal to see small pinpoint bleeding and mild bruising. 

After a few days your skin will be a little dry and flakey, which will gradually disappear within one week. 

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