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Which body parts can you microneedle?Updated a year ago

You can use the Dr Pen to microneedle on your whole body. Popular areas include face, neck, décolletage, hands and hips (for stretch marks). Delicate areas such as the under-eye area can also be treated. Please see the instructions on the product page for each Dr Pen model to find out the needle depth and cartridge gauge that is best for treating your desired areas.

When needling areas of the body (such as the legs or hands), avoid needling over the bony parts (especially on the legs). Ensure only to use 36-42 pin cartridges for microneedling the body and take precaution not to use any active ingredients (such as acids or retinoids) after microneedling. Regarding needle depth, we recommend using 0.5mm for legs and up to 1.5mm for fattier areas of the body. 

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