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How do I microneedle?

We have an instruction guide explaining how to microneedle here.

Do I need to use a numbing cream?

If your skin is sensitive, you can purchase numbing cream from over the counter at any chemist. We recommend numbing creams that contain at least 5% Lidocaine. Apply approximately ⅓ to ½ of the tube to the area to be needled, leave on for 20 minutes

For general micro needling with hyaluronic acid, which cartridge should be used?

You will need to use the cartridge which correlates with your device. For example, the X5 only takes X5 cartridges and so on. If you are needling on the face, we recommend the 12 pin cartridges. You can also use the nano-needle cartridges which can b

What areas of the body can I microneedle?

You can microneedle anywhere on the body. Popular areas include:.