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Zobelle Cleansing Brush

Can I use the Zobelle Cleansing Brush in the shower?

Yes! The Zobelle cleansing brush is waterproof so it’s safe to use in the shower.

Where is the charging port for the Zobelle Cleansing Brush?

The charging port is covered with silicone protection, to protect from water from getting in. Simply lift up the silicon protector to insert the charger.

How often can you use the cleansing brush?

You may use it once a day, every time you wash your face.

Will the cleansing brush remove my makeup?

The cleansing brush removes makeup residue. The Zobelle Cleansing Brush uses 9800 vibrations per minute and 45 degrees heat for deep cleansing and removal of makeup residue. For best results, remove your makeup first with a cleansing wipe, then clean