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Why are there so many different models?Updated a year ago

Our devices are all fantastic for microneedling and nano-needling, however, there are slight differences between each of the models. 

Please read the product descriptions very carefully to see the difference between them. For example, the X5, A6S, Hydra Pro and M8 are the only devices with an LED speed display screen, and the Hydra Pro is the only pen which has an in-built capsule inside the device. These are the types of differences you will need to take in consideration when purchasing a device, as you may find some models are more compatible for you than others. 

Other questions you may like to consider when deciding between Dr Pen models:

- Do I require cordless/wireless functionality?

- Do I want to adjust the needle depth?

- What sort of area sizes will I be treating?

The product description of each Dr Pen model will give you an indication as to whether that model is the right choice for your needs. 

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