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Which Dr. Pen is right for me?

We have put together a Dr Pen Comparison guide to help you choose the microneedling pen that suits your needs. We also have a blog post and YouTube video created to help guide you in your decision-making process. Click here to watch and read this blo

Which is the best device?

All our devices are great home microneedling devices, so choosing the device for you ultimately comes down to personal preference, budget, packaging appearance, and functionality. Your skincare results will depend on the needle depth you use, the sev

Are your products registered?

Yes, our products are registered with the TGA/ARTG. The ARTG is the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, which governs the safe and lawful distribution of products including medical devices. Dr Pen has TGA/ARTG approval, with our cartridges and

Why are there so many different models?

Our devices are all fantastic for microneedling and nano-needling, however, there are slight differences between each of the models. Please read the product descriptions very carefully to see the difference between them. For example, the X5, A6S, Hyd

What are the differences between the models?

Each model has a slight difference in functionality. For example, some models offer wireless usage, some have LED screens and some have adjustable needle depths. The product description will describe the full features of each pen in detail, so be sur

Which cartridge do I need? 11,12, 16, 36, or 42?

The different sized cartridges can be used for different areas of the face, neck/décolletage and body. We recommend the 11, 12  and 16 pin cartridges for the face and neck, where the skin is more delicate. The 36 pin and 42 pin cartridges are more ge

Which pen do I need for BB Glow?

You use any pen for BB Glow treatments. However, we only recommend using the nano-needle cartridges for this treatment. The depth level should only be set to 0.25mm. Currently, we do not stock any BB Glow pigment kits.

How do I adjust the needle depth?

Aside from the Hydra Pro and Derma Stamp, every Dr Pen device has an adjustable dial for needle depth ranging from 0mm - 2.5mm. All you need to do is rotate this dial and set it to the depth you need for the skincare concerns you're aiming to treat.

Do all devices have an adjustable needle depth dial?

The Hydra Pro and Derma Stamp have a fixed needle depth of 0.5mm. All other devices have an adjustable needle depth ranging from 0mm - 2.5mm.

What are the min and max needle depths for each of your devices?

All devices except for the Hydra Pro have a needle depth range from 0mm - 2.5mm. The Hydra Pro has a fixed depth of 0.5mm.

My device is noisy. Is this normal?

The motor of your device will make a slight buzzing noise. If you feel it is excessively loud, please contact us here.

Which is the most powerful device?

The model with the highest RPM is the A6S, with the M8 and A6 coming in second respectively.

How many times can I use each cartridge?

Microneedling cartridges are designed for single use only.

Can I use cartridges from a different model on my device?

No, you must only use cartridges correlating with that specific device. For example, you cannot use cartridges from the A6 with the X5 and vice versa. Each model has its own specific cartridge.

What does the needle gauge mean?

The needle gauge describes how thick the needles in a cartridge are. The finer needles are designed to minimise discomfort as well as cause less trauma to the skin. The A7 and the M8 models offer cartridges with the finest needle gauge. The M8 has th

Do I need to nano-needle?

Nano-needling is optional, although it is a wonderful treatment for serum absorption and a great in-between microneedling treatment. A handy blog on nano-needling can be read here as well as in our FAQ section here. Our IGTV also has a video demonstr

What’s the difference between the derma roller and the derma pens?

The derma rollers are less sophisticated than the motorised Dr Pen devices. You can’t adjust the needle depth or change the speed levels as they're only hand operated, whereas Dr Pen devices have a motor. They are also harder to roll in smaller areas

How do I clean the pen?

You may use rubbing alcohol to sanitise the pen before and after use.

The pen doesn't turn on?

Please make sure your pen is fully charged or plugged in. Hold the power on/off button for up to 3 seconds.