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How many light bulbs are in each mask?

There are 192 total light bulbs in each mask.

How long can I wear the mask for?

It’s recommended to wear the mask for a maximum of 20 minutes per treatment. You mask can be worn nightly.

Do I need to use any products with the mask?

You can use a serum to improve the effectiveness of the ingredients, however, this is optional. You can wear the mask with a clean face or a simple moisturiser as well. Important: Never use products containing active ingredients (such as Vitamin C or

How do I use the LED Mask?

You can find an instruction guide to using the Femvy LED Light Therapy Mask here.

Can I use retinol or vitamin C after microneedling?

Retinol and the other active ingredients can be used a week after but vitamin C can be used 48 hours after.

The LED Mask hurts my face and or neck when I use it - why is this?

Unless you are wanting to use the EMS feature of the mask rather than the LED light you do NOT need to install the small black prongs into the mask. Leaving these prongs out will ensure a more even distribution of pressure of the mask and reduce disc

The goggles are not comfortable. Do I need to wear them?

Goggles are important to wear during LED treatment to protect your eyes especially if you have sensitive eyes. If the goggles are not comfortable to wear, you may use cotton pads on your eyes and put your goggles on the top of it.

Can I use a sheet mask under the LED light?

Yes you can, however for optimal product absorption, we recommend using a sheet mask after 15 minutes of LED light usage - this will prime your skin to best absorb the product.

Using LED lights after microneedling

You can do a 15-20 minute LED light therapy treatment after microneedling treatment. It is safe to use LED light right after microneedling.However, if you feel your skin is really sensitive after microneedling, please wait 24-48 hours before using a